Agem International Inc, was founded in 2015, after graduation from GIA’s Diamond Course. Coming from an electronics technical background for 20 years, diamond grading was a natural fit. My sales career led me to the custom jewellery retail business as grading diamonds just did not meet my social needs.
My motivation with this business is to bring beautiful jewellery to anyone who wants it, within the budget available. I’m not motivated by commission, or pushed to close a sale. My integrity guides me to do what is needed to meet my customer’s expectations and needs.

A young couples priority should be to establish themselves for their future, and family. Not to spend more on a diamond ring than they would a car. Retailers, are thought to sell on the Four C’s, color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color and clarity are usually the focus points, these of course are the ones that will drive price. Both very important, however the best of both are not needed to give you a great and beautiful diamond. That’s where my expertise comes in. I’ll find you the perfect diamond! It’s knowing what to look for.